Immediately adjacent to the Rock House (learn more about that project by Cutler Anderson Architects here),26 Carraig Ridge is 2.23 acres along the sandstone ridge and features many of the same characteristics that make the Rock House’s location so special. Sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains to the west, including the iconic Devil’s Head Mountain, contrast with the weathered sandstone outcroppings that give the Rock House its name and form.

26 Carraig Ridge is designated for a single story Edge Retreat up to 2,500 square feet. The site elevation varies from a height of 1,356 metres and slopes down to 1,342 metres along the ponds to the west. A house location is specified and a building envelope of 10,000 square feet is laid out on site (all improvements must fall within thisarea). These parameters are in place to prevent disruption of the aforementioned rocky terrain, which is home to delicate flora, lichens, and mature spuce trees.

Lot Number26
Lot Size2.23 Acres
House TypeEdge
House Size2,500sf max