25 Carraig Ridge


Named for the sandstone outcropping that determined its design, the Rock House is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding landscape. The first house to be built at Carraig Ridge, the Retreat was conceived by award-winning architect James Cutler of Cutler Anderson Architects. The firm, based in Washington State, is renowned for its contemporary houses that blend rich materials and textures with powerful forms to create simple, elegant Spaces.

At just 750 square feet, the Retreat shows that luxury isn’t determined by size. Exceptional craft and careful attention to detail ensure that every aspect of the house is functional and beautiful.

The Rock House is positioned for a stunning Rocky Mountain panorama. The site balances spectacular distance views with the dense forest and delicate natural rock garden of its immediate surroundings, resulting in a compelling example of living within the landscape, rather than on it.

ArchitectCutler Anderson Architects
Lot Number25
Rock House at dusk, with the sun casting a warm glow behind the Rocky Mountains
James Cutler's design for the Rock House is derived from the landscape, with the front glass wall following the natural profile of the rock outcropping at Carraig Ridge
At night, the Rock House glazing reflects the Rocky Mountains
The glass wall of the living room of the Rock House was designed by James Cutler to perfectly follows the natural rock outcropping.
Full-height windows bathe Rock House's living room in warm sunlight
Rock House finds luxury in minimal living and natural beauty
Rock House has minimal separation between interior and the Alberta foothills
Carraig Ridge retreats are designed to disappear into their surroundings to accentuate the landscape and provide privacy
Rock House design is crafted to blend into the sandstone outcroppings and grassy hill below