Carraig Ridge

A hub of contemporary architecture,

set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

in southern Alberta. 

Contemporary retreats, set on lots of 2 to 5 acres, each featuring spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains
Acres of undeveloped community land, jointly owned by residents of Carraig Ridge
Acres of additional recreation area, protected in perpetuity by conservation easement
Carraig Ridge is an innovative rural community, focused on balancing the solitude and beauty of a rural lifestyle with a sense of community, support and amenities, and exceptional design.

Guiding Principles

Nature is Luxury

Carraig Ridge is an escape from the demands of daily life in the city. Each of the 44 homes is meant to be a rural Retreat, focused on engaging views, both near and far, to bring the surrounding landscape into the house. Every lot within the community features stunning panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Carraig Ridge is a constant place. It exists to improve the rural character and natural integrity of its surroundings. The primary amenity offered by the community is immediate access to an unspoiled, peaceful landscape.

Fully-Supported Community

Thoughtful planning and community design ensures that every Retreat will enjoy privacy and solitude, without losing a sense of community. While each Retreat is secluded and discreet, Carraig Ridge also provides plenty of gathering spots and recreational areas for residents to enjoy the company of their neighbours.

Carraig Ridge is planned as a problem-free approach to country living. Residents will enjoy all of the benefits of owning a home in a beautiful, natural environment, but without the hassles and chores typically associated with rural homes. Roads, services and other infrastructure are built and maintained for you. When you leave your Retreat, you have the peace of mind that your home will be secure and maintained in your absence, be it for a day, a month, or a year.

Lasting Value

Decades from now, Carraig Ridge will be regarded as a model of integrated conservation and development, superior design, and community experience. It is built to last for generations, with architecture and craftsmanship that will be admired now and in the future, and ensures enduring value.

Rather than stylistic goals, which can seem dated in a matter of years, design within the community produces timeless, long-lasting structures that focus on harmony with the surroundings, material quality and simplicity. These homes will be legacies for their owners.

Positioned halfway between the City of Calgary and Banff National Park, Carriag Ridge enjoys proximity to both the conveniences of a large city and the recreational opportunities of a vast wilderness.



50 Minutes


Banff is Canada’s oldest national park, and one of the world’s most visited. The area is renowned for its boundless wealth of outdoor activities, as well as breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery.


30 Minutes


Kananaskis Country is 4000 square kilometers of year-round mountain playground. Among numerous recreational opportunities, it is home to Nakiska, the closest ski resort to Carraig Ridge.


45 Minutes


The picturesque mountain town of Canmore is just outside the borders of Banff National Park and Kananaskis Park, featuring excellent dining, shopping, recreation and leisure opportunities.


5 Minutes


Ghost lake is only 5 minutes away, so whether you enjoy windsurfing, ice fishing, sailing, water skiing or canoeing, you can find recreation opportunities in close proximity to Carraig Ridge.


40 Minutes


A thriving city of 1.2 Million, Calgary has been recognized as one of the best places to visit by the New York Times and The Guardian.


20 Minutes


A small town of 20,000, Cochrane offers all the modern conveniences of urban life – a health centre, schools, shopping and groceries, plus a movie theatre and other entertainment options.

Each resident at Carraig Ridge owns a private lot of 2-5 acres surrounding their home, plus has an equal share of the remaining 550 acres of community land. Beyond the borders of Carraig Ridge, residents also have access to Wild Buffalo Ranching Conservation Area, thousands of acres of land and amenities to explore.

Live in Your Own Private Park


10 Minutes


The Jacob’s Creek parcel is truly isolated wilderness. Just a few minutes drive from Carraig Ridge, you could spend days hiking and camping here.


5 Minutes


Brooker’s Cabin is a traditional log house set on a remote, forested quarter section. Spend a night in the cabin as a jumping off point for a day of hiking or mountain biking, or book it for longer stays if you have guests visiting.


5 Minutes or 12km Hike


Pierre’s Place is a picnic spot right on the Ghost River, perfect to visit with the kids or grandkids for a Summer’s day wading in the cool, fresh waters of the river, or for an evening camping out. From Pierre’s Place you can launch a raft and float to down to Ghost Lake, or spend a day fishing.

Carraig Ridge was conceived to support the environment, rather than dominate it. The vision for each Retreat at Carraig Ridge is to incorporate history and nature into an innovative, contemporary and original design.

Design Philosophy

Context-Based Designs

Carraig Ridge was conceived to support the environment, rather than dominate it. The Retreats at Carraig Ridge must adhere to this same essential principle. Refined and graceful dwellings, each inspired by the specific terrain of its lot, allow a balance between habitation and preservation. Within the broad context of contemporary style, designs should focus on creating a harmonious relationship between Retreat and landscape.

Minimal Living

The Master Plan for Carraig Ridge fosters a tranquil rural lifestyle. The design for each individual Retreat should follow the same idea, and be rooted in simplicity and connection to the surrounding landscape. Each house will be designed to make the minimum impact on the environment both during construction and once it functions as a home. Carraig Ridge is a place to build what you need, not what you can.

100 Year Homes

Carraig Ridge is proof that careful planning and meticulous execution produce a beautiful and lasting result. The Retreats are timeless and durable. Just like the pristine landscape that surrounds them, these homes will be here for the next hundred years. Skillful craft, the highest quality materials and the latest technology will ensure the existing landscape is preserved and celebrated. Carraig Ridge will be a permanent retreat for future generations.

Exceptional Architecture

The vision for each Retreat at Carraig Ridge is to incorporate history and nature into an innovative, contemporary and original design. Above all, we hope to create spaces that are unique, luxurious, appropriate and beautiful. Pursuing this goal ensures that each Retreat enhances the value of its neighbours and the community as a whole.

Carraig Ridge is committed to design excellence in all aspects of the community. Careful attention is necessary to create homes and amenities that go beyond curb appeal to become inspirational and timeless in their settings.

Current and Completed Projects

The bodies of work of architects engaged in the community reflect the design philosophies of Carraig Ridge, and their intimate knowledge of the landscape and philosophy of Carraig Ridge ensures that their designs are elegant and appropriate.

Architects We Work With

Carraig Ridge is the result of decades spent living in the area and many years of planning, design, and construction on within the community. Learn more about the history of the project, and track our progress as we bring our vision for Carraig Ridge into reality.


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