Carraig Ridge is an innovate rural community, focused on balancing the solitude and beauty of a rural lifestyle with a sense of community, support and amenities, and exceptional design.


Carraig Ridge is an escape from the demands of daily life in the city.  Each of the 44 homes is meant to be a rural Retreat, focused on engaging views, both near and far, to bring the surrounding landscape into the house.  Every lot within the community features stunning panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains.

Carraig Ridge is a constant place.  It exists to improve the rural character and natural integrity of its surroundings.  The primary amenity offered by the community is immediate access to unspoiled, peaceful landscape.  


Thoughtful planning and community design ensures that every Retreat will enjoy privacy and solitude, without losing a sense of community.  While each retreat is secluded and discreet, Carraig Ridge also provides plenty of gathering spots and recreational areas for residents to enjoy the company of their neighbours.

Carraig Ridge also is planned as a problem-free approach to country living.  Residents will enjoy all of the benefits of owning a home in a beautiful, natural environment, but without the hassles and chores typically associated with rural homes. Roads, services, and other infrastructure are built and maintained for you.  When you leave your Retreat, you have the peace of mind that your home will be secure and maintained in your absence, be it for a day, a month, or a year.

At dusk, the Rock House glazing reflects the Rocky Mountains.


Decades from now, Carraig Ridge will be regarded as a model of integrated conservation and development, superior design, and community experience.  It is built to last for generations, with craftsmanship that will be admired now and in the future, and ensures enduring value.

Rather than stylistic goals, which can seem dated in a matter of years, design within the community produces timeless, long-lasting structures that focus on harmony with the surroundings, material quality and simplicity.  These homes will be legacies for their owners.